30 Awesome DIY Projects Using Newspaper!

30 Awesome DIY Projects Using Newspaper!

30 Awesome DIY Projects Using Newspaper!

Have a stack of newspapers that you want to recycle and repurpose? We have 30 awesome DIY projects that you can create!

A lot of newspapers are exclusively online now (which is way better for the environment), but I know quite a bit of people who still receive newspapers. You can of course recycle newspapers in your recycling bin, but every now and then, there are DIY projects using newspaper that catch my eye! I love the black and white text, the colorful comic section, and the grey, vintage-looking paper — great combinations for projects if you ask me! Here are 30 of my favorite newspaper projects that I’ve found around the wonderful web:

1. DIY newspaper wedding bouquet

2. Make fun party poms

3. Create newspaper flowers

4. Build newspaper structures with your kids

5. Newspaper pom poms

6. Make plant pots from recycled newspaper

7. Create newspaper roses

8. The classic newspaper hat

9. Weaved newspaper basket

10. Recycled newspaper art

11. Decoupage a vintage lampshade

12. Make newspaper popcorn holders

13. Rolled newspaper picture frame

14. Make a fabulous pinata

15. Newspaper canvas artwork

16. DIY newspaper yarn

17. Simply frame an old newspaper and use it as wall art

18. Make a paper bowl

19. Fold newspaper into an origami box

20. Wrap presents with newspaper

21. Hand spun recycled newspaper yarn

22. Create a child’s witch hat

23. Newspaper art for kids

24. Sew a newspaper dress

25. Woven newspaper clutch

26. DIY newspaper table skirt

27. Wallpaper a ceiling with newspaper

28. Recycled newspaper coasters

29. 5 fun newspaper crafts for kids

30. Woven newspaper table runner

Now it’s time for you to get crafty with newspaper! Which project do you want to try first?

Looking for more recycled and repurposed DIY projects? Check these out:

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