15 Amazing Cardboard Crafts

15 Amazing Cardboard Crafts

Got a stash of corrugated cardboard boxes? We’ve got your crafty inspiration right here! Check out these 15 cool cardboard crafts.

Corrugated cardboard is a great reclaimed material to work with because it’s easy to cut yet pretty sturdy if you know how to work with it. You can reuse cardboard to create projects from beautiful wall art or kid games to functional pieces of furniture. This list runs the gamut!

Finding Free Cardboard Boxes

If you’re wanting to do some of these cardboard crafts but don’t have any boxes handy, don’t worry! You don’t have to buy new boxes to get crafty. Here are a few ideas for finding free, used boxes for all of your cardboard craft needs:

  • Craigslist – Check the free section! Folks who have moved will often post their boxes there, as long as you’re willing to pick up.
  • Freecycle – Same as Craigslist. You can even post a wanted ad on your local Freecycle.
  • Liquor Stores – Package stores get liquor, beer, and wine by the case. Some stores just heap those empties by the registers, and they’re usually happy to let you help yourself if you ask nicely. If you don’t take those boxes, they have to deal with disposing of them.

Where do you guys look for free cardboard boxes for your cardboard crafts? Let’s share more ideas in the comments!

15 Amazing Cardboard Crafts

1. Make 3D Portraits – Ali Golzad’s Invisible People project is a stunning example of how you can use cardboard to create bas-relief portraits.

2. Broken Mirror Mosaic – Combine some scrap cardboard with a broken mirror or pottery pieces for pretty wall art.

3. Cool Math Games – Transform an old cardboard box into a learning experience.

4. DIY Shield – Make a play shield for your little knight in training.

5. Kid-Made Pendants – Let your kid create her own DIY jewelry with pieces of cardboard.

6. Splatter Paint Art – Use this fun splatter paint technique to make cool wall art on recycled cardboard.

7. Toy Boats – These cardboard boats inspired by Chronicles of Narnia are so cool!

8. Make a Vase – Display your paper flowers in a recycled cardboard vase.

9. Cardboard Aquarium – Make an oversized underwater diorama from a plain old cardboard box.

10. Medieval Castles – You can make this cardboard playset as simple or as complicated as you and your kids would like.

11. Toy Robot – Create a robot flap toy from reclaimed cardboard.

12. Chandelier – You might worry about a hot light bulb next to paper, but Kayte Terry says that as long as you choose a cool LED bulb, your cardboard chandelier is totally safe.

13. Train Set – Combine corrugated cardboard and reclaimed paper tubes to make a cardboard train set with light up tunnels.

14. Play Rocketship – 3-2-1 blast off in an upcycled rocket made from a big, reclaimed cardboard box!

15. DIY Dresser – Is your kid ready for his own dresser? Save a buck and make this awesome stackable cardboard dresser from reclaimed boxes.

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