Yearn Worthy Yarn: Newspaper

Newspaper Yarn If you find yourself gathering your daily news from internet blogs and the Daily Show and less and less from a physical newspaper, you might be interested in learning about this yarn (on the internet, nach.)

For those hip to the online craft world, this might not be news to you, but to us here at CAGW, it is the uber example of reuse, and therefore we are in love. So, read all about it: newspaper yarn!

Via Green Upgrader, artist Greetje van Tiem has created yarn from old newspapers by hand-spinning the paper. Not a spinner myself, I can not speak to how one would go about doing this themselves so I leave it to Green Upgrader again who have this great step by step tutorial on how to spin newspaper into yarn!

At its base, the idea of turning newspaper into yarn isn’t all that far fetched. Newspaper is surprisingly strong and already used in many many crafts (papier mache anyone?) What’s making us go gaga over this yarn is its simple genius. If this isn’t newsworthy, then I don’t know what is.

Once spun, the yarn can be used in many utilitarian projects. Check out the floor mats and other design elements that the yarn can be knit into. The possibilities seem endless, though I doubt it would be a good fiber for clothing. Who knows, if this catches on we might see an up tick in circulation, or at the very least, we have another way to recycle yesterday’s news.

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[Image credit: Green Upgrader]

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