DIY Crafts: 20 Ways to Recycle CD Cases!

DIY Crafts: 20 Ways to Recycle CD Cases!Do you have a collection of CD cases with no purpose? Give them new life again with 20 DIY crafts!

Last week I shared DIY Crafts: 25 Ways to Recycle CDs and DVDs, which left me thinking, “what about all of the cases?” After getting lost on Pinterest for a few minutes —Β  okay, a few hours — I realized that there are so many possibilities! From DIY green houses to a fun CD planter, there are tons of projects for your seemingly useless CD cases. Click through each link below to see the full tutorials! You’ll love all of these incredible ideas!

1. CD case coasters

2. CD case green house

3. Make a light cube

4. DIY recycled CD cases into wall art

5. Grow grass in a CD case

6. Store your sewing supplies in CD cases (you could store green scrapbook embellishments in them too)

7. DIY drawer dividers

8. CD jewel case birdhouse

9. Make your own stamp pad

10. CD case garden markers

11. DIY dry erase maze

12. Repurposed CD case boxes

13. CD case diorama

14. CD case candle holder

15. Bird feeder from a CD case

16. CD case photo cube

17. Make a gift holder

18. DIY pencil holder

19. Create garden art

20. Jewel case CD planter

Which CD case craft do you want to try? You guys know I’m all about some simple DIY wall art, so I’m really hoping to make unique wall art from CD cases soon. I also love the idea of using a CD case as a dry erase board for to-do lists or fun message boards! It’s hard to choose just one CD case craft, right?

Have you made your own DIY crafts with CD cases? If so, share them with us! We’d love to share your projects and ideas on our Facebook page or on our Green crafts Pinterest board!

[Photo credit: CD cases stack via Shutterstock]

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  1. Wondering if you knew how to reuse colored cd sleeves (sans jewel case). I’d like to make window clings, but it seems impossible given what I’ve read on the web.

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