How-to: Sew a Soothing Scented Buckwheat Eye Pillow

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scented flannel eye pillow with buckwheat and peppermint interior

For headache or stress relief, or just a nice, long nap, an eye pillow weighted with natural buckwheat and sewn from soft fabric is just the thing you need to help you really relax. You can fill your eye pillow with your favorite herbs, sew it from silk or organic cotton, store it in the freezer to keep it soothingly chilly, and make a few extras to give as gifts later on. Here’s how:

eye pillow cut out of flannel fabric

To make your own eye pillow, you’ll need a coffee mug or Mason jar lid to help you make a template. Trace one circle on a piece of paper, then trace another circle that touches it. Draw a smooth, gentle curve to connect the two circles, as you can see in the above piece cut using my own template. You can also rearrange the circles closer together or further apart, or choose larger or smaller circles to trace, to customize your own template to your liking.

When the template is drawn the way that you like it, draw it again outside the entire perimeter of the original template by about 1/2″ to accommodate a seam allowance and top stitching, and cut it out. Use this template to cut two pieces of fabric for your eye pillow.

stitch around the eye pillowWith right sides together, sew around the eye pillow with any sturdy stitch that you like, leaving approximately 3″ unsewn on one long side so that you can fill your pillow with goodness.

Clip all the curves (Don’t clip over your stitching!), then turn the eye pillow right sides out–I use a dull colored pencil to help me push out all the curvy seams–and iron to press. While you’re ironing, crease the raw edges of the open part of the seam to the inside and press them down to make it easier to top stitch the pillow closed later.

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2 thoughts on “How-to: Sew a Soothing Scented Buckwheat Eye Pillow”

  1. Laura Conklin

    The idea of the cool buckwheat eye pillow sounds very soothing to the brow of the stressed person. Would definitely like to try this craft. Thank you for the idea.

  2. Soothing eye pillow provides relief for migraines, headaches, sinus pain, and puffy eyes. These eye pillows are also great for deep relaxation. Thanks for describing each step briefly to make this eye pillow.

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