21 Ways to Refashion Your Wardrobe

refashion clothing

Do you ever look at your closet and just feel like you have nothing to wear? No more! Use your crafty superpowers to revamp that wardrobe and save yourself a shopping trip.

We live in an age of fast fashion. It’s so tempting to hit up shops like H&M, Forever 21, or even Target for some trendy wardrobe pieces. There are a few problems with stores like these, though, from a social and environmental standpoint. These big box stores sell cheap, mass-produced clothing, and you get what you pay for. That cute top may have been made in a sweatshop, and chances are they use polyester or conventional cotton rather than eco-friendly materials.

Boo on that! Here are some ways that you can revamp clothing you already have or that you find at the thrift store instead.

Small Alterations

Maybe you thrifted pants or a skirt that are too long or have a top in your closet that’s a smidge too big or small. Here are some ways that you can make small alterations to fit them just for you!

1. Shorten a Pair of Pants

2. Fix for a Too-Small Shirt

3. Take in a Too-Big tank Top

4. Adding Darts to a Purchased Blouse

5. Lengthen Your Pants with One Easy Alteration

6. Sew a Child’s Skirt from an Adult T-Shirt

Embellishments and Dyes

Do you have a piece that fits well, but needs a little oomph? Spruce it up with some embellishments or by dyeing it a whole new color!

7. Bleach Stencil Tutorial and the Environmental Impacts of Bleach

8. Freezer Paper Applique

9. Make Natural, Non-Toxic Dye

10. How to Tie Dye

11. Screen Printing

12. Recycled Fabric Scraps to Fabulous Fabric Flowers

13. Add a Pocket to Your Skirt

Total Refashion

Of course, nothing beats the fun of taking an old garment apart and putting it back together as something cute and new. Here are some tutes for transforming your old clothes.

14. Make a Tank Top from a T-Shirt

15. Make a T-Shirt Skirt

16. Restyle a T-Shirt into a Gathered Yoke Top

17. Infinity Scarf from a Shrunken Sweater

18. Vintage Necktie Cowl

19. Turn Several Adult Button-Down Shirts into One Comfy Adult Skirt

20. Upcycle Old Jeans into a Sexy Mini

21. Transforming a Pair of Old Men’s Sweaters into a Dress

Have you guys been doing any refashioning? We’d love to feature your favorite clothing refashions in an upcoming article. Send an email through the contact page if you’d like to share your best refashion photos with us!

[Image Credit: Refashion Clothing photo via Shutterstock]

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