Gussy Up A Blanket For Fashionable Warmth

As the sweaty days and humid nights of Summer wane away, the changing leaves and cooler breezes of Autumn are vividly upon us. It’s time to bring out the jeans, blankets, sweaters, and all our other favorite layers as the temperatures become more unpredictable than ever. To add a little variety to your seasonal accoutrements, a few stitches can make all the difference. By adding a bit of knitting or crocheted work to your favorite (or recently thrifted) blanket, you can turn it into a stylish coat or shrug.

Recently found on the Berroco website (a fashion yarn manufacturer), two easy patterns are available: a Surplus Blanket Coat and a Plaid Blanket Shrug. Though specific Berroco yarns are mentioned, it is worth noting that few, if any, of their wares are sustainable. Substituting other yarns for these projects is quite simple, and an extensive list of eco-sellers can be found on my website.

Starting with an army surplus blanket (which are often easy to find), the Surplus Blanket Coat simply adds two well-placed sleeves, making this “coat” perfect for relaxing afternoons at home, long car rides, or pleasant mornings on the porch with a cup of tea.

Secondly, the Plaid Blanket Shrug is made from a newly purchased blanket, but you can easily find or make one of similar size with second-hand store gatherings. The addition of a crocheted lapel and cuffs turn this average cozy cover-up into a piece you wouldn’t mind showing off.

These are just two examples of what a few crafty augmentations can do to give your same old items a flash of new life. Use your imagination to extend these projects to pillows, towels, tablecloths, t-shirts, capri pants, and more.

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