Recycle Fabric Scraps to Fabulous Fabric Flowers

Admit it. You have fabric scraps in every drawer or shelf in your sewing room. You meant well. You wanted to be green and not throw them away. You knew you can use them up in making ‘something’. But now you are wondering, “What do I do with them all?” Don’t worry. Here is fabric flower to the rescue!

Here are five fabulous ways to use up every bit of fabric scrap that is taking up valuable real estate in your studio. You can make flowers for brooches, headbands, embellishments, or even as necklaces. You can either make them using a simple tutorial or buy PDF patterns online. But whatever you use to make them, you will use up all your scraps to make more room for other sewing supplies in your studio.

1. Fabric Brooch or Hair Clip

This fabric flower can be used as a brooch or as a hair pin. Just change the backing and you can make it into any accessory you want. Step by step PDF instruction including material list can be purchased from Fabric Boutique.

[Photo by:Fabric Boutique]

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7 thoughts on “Recycle Fabric Scraps to Fabulous Fabric Flowers”

  1. O, these are excellent ideas! My job as an eco seamstress (at means a LOT of fabric offcuts, and I’m always looking for ways to re-use them, since I challenge myself to throw away as few scraps as possible (only 1 basketful of unusable tiny/damaged pieces after a full year in business, yay!).
    I make hairbows from scrap and I’ve tried patchwork squares, and shredding remnants for heavy bolster cushion stuffing, but making some little floral embellishments would be fabulous! 🙂

    1. Wow. Just one basket of unused scrap in one year? That is awesome! Fabric flowers are definitely a creative way to use up scraps of all different sizes.

  2. These are very cool.  As you, i also keep so much scraps and could never throw out materials.  Recently i used my old clothes and fabrics to upcycle into bags.  Check them out…

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