15 Thanksgiving Nature Crafts

Thanksgiving Nature Crafts: How to Make Homemade Pumpkin Puree

We’re at the height of our autumn harvest here in Indiana, which means that now is the perfect time to gather all the natural materials that you’ll need to make your Thanksgiving nature crafts.

Now is the perfect time to gather all the natural materials that you'll need to make your Thanksgiving nature crafts.

From colorful leaves to acorns to pretty gourds, you’ll find plenty of beautiful things in the great outdoors to make the following festive Thanksgiving nature crafts:

1. apple cider slushieThanksgiving Nature CraftsAre you celebrating Thanksgiving somewhere warm? If you are, switch our your usual hot apple cider for these apple cider slushies!

2. cinnamon stick place card holdersThese place card holders are guaranteed to fit your color scheme, and they’ll smell great! All you need to make them are cinnamon sticks and twine.

3. dried bean turkeyMake those tired old dried bean mosaics a little more festive this autumn. For bonus points, include popcorn kernels, including the colorful kinds, if you can find them.

4. Gourdo GreenfaceThis DIY pumpkin version of Mr. Potato Head will keep the kids happy while you cook. Make it extra eco-friendly by using as many components as you can from the recycling bin.

5. jar lid pumpkin piesThese mini pies make a cute contribution to a dessert buffet.

6. leaf-carved pumpkinThanksgiving Nature CraftsForget to carve your Jack-o-lanterns? It’s easy to make them Thanksgiving-themed instead!

7. maple leaf turkeyMaple leaves make great turkeys! Press them first to make them last longer.

8. nature walk turkeyTake a nature walk with the kids, then challenge yourselves to make the biggest, best turkey that you can.

9. pinecone place cardsUse upcycled papers or cardboard to make this project even greener.

10. pumpkin place cardsYou’ll be able to find small pumpkins on sale after Halloween. Put them to great use here!

11. pinecone turkeyThe washi tape makes these pinecone turkeys especially cute and unusual.

12. pumpkin turkeyTo make this project more eco-friendly, use cardstock or recycled cardboard instead of craft foam.

13. rock turkeyYou can either paint the entire turkey, or use colorful cardstock for the tail feathers.

14. thankful treeChange up this gratitude-inspiring craft by using real leaves.

15. turkey leaf lanternsLeaves make beautiful luminaries, and a surprisingly non-cutesy turkey!

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