Thanksgiving Craft: Meet Gourdo Greenface

Thanksgiving Crafts from Natural Materials

Move over Mr. Potato Head! Your crunchy cousin is making his way to the Thanksgiving table this year!
Remember how much fun Mr. Potato Head was? It was such a simple toy, yet it could keep us occupied (and out of our mom’s hair) for hours. Well move over Mr. Potato Head! Your crunchy cousin is making his way to the Thanksgiving table this year.

His name is Gourdo Greenface and he’s got the same vibe as Mr. P, but he’s much more eco-friendly. He’s 100% real pumpkin and all his parts are complete junk-drawer creations. And just like Mr. Potato Head, this Thanksgiving craft will keep those tiny hands and minds busy while you’re stuffing the Tofurky.

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The kiddie table is the perfect spot for Gourdo. He’s a fun and interactive Thanksgiving centerpiece that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Here’s what you need:

  • One pumpkin (a pie pumpkin works best)
  • Adhesive hook & loop
  • Various recycled craft items (Raid your junk drawer!)
  • Scissors

Prepare Your Pumpkin

  • Cut your hook & loop into 4 small squares.
  • Stick the squares onto your pumpkin. One for each eye, one for a nose and one in the mouth area.

Make Your Pumpkin Parts

You can use just about anything to make face-parts for Gourdo – as long as it’s something natural or it’s something recycled. Nothing new! Here are some suggestions.

  • EYES: Dried beans, bottle caps, buttons, coins
  • NOSES: Wine cork, old game pieces, nuts
  • MOUTH: Jar lid, foam board with teeth made of pop tops, dried fruit, twigs

Attach a small piece of hook & loop to the back of each item and you’re ready to play. Match up the hook & loop on your pumpkin with the hook & loop on your eyes, noses and mouths.
Mix and match all your recycled items. The options are endless!

Gourdo (After the Party)

Once Thanksgiving dinner is over, remove the hook & loop from the pumpkin and face-parts. You can then make the pumpkin into a delicious homemade pumpkin puree. And all the natural stuff you used to make the face can be tossed into the compost. The rest can go into the recycle bin. You could also store away the face-parts so you can celebrate Gourdo and this clever Thanksgiving craft again next year.

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