11 DIY Beauty Gifts

Treat the folks on your holiday list to some DIY beauty gifts!

Treat the folks on your holiday list to some DIY beauty gifts! You can pick and choose stocking stuffers, or combine a few of the DIY beauty gift ideas below into a sweet little kit.

Treat the folks on your holiday list to some DIY beauty gifts!

1. Warming Sugar Scrub– Guys, I’ve been using this scrub almost every day since I first started making it a few weeks ago. It is the best!

2. Lavender Lemongrass Soap – Soothing, homemade soap is a beautiful stocking stuffer.

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3. Bath Salts – Scented bath salts in a mason jar with a custom, printable label is a simple DIY beauty gift perfect for holiday giving!

4. Body Butter – You can choose your own scent adventure to customize this DIY beauty gift for your recipient!

How to Make a Sachet

5. Buckwheat Eye Pillow – This is a great stress reliever and so easy to make!

6. Bath Bombs – I love that these bath bombs aren’t your usual spheres. They’re cute shapes, like octopi, instead!

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7. Homemade Perfume or Cologne – You can follow the recipe or riff on it to create a custom scent!

8. Potpourri – There are so many options for making your own potpourri. Wrap it in a pretty fabric sachet or pour it into a pretty glass jar, and you’re ready to gift.

We've got DIY scrub recipes to exfoliate and moisturize you from your head to your toes. Let's get scrubbing!

9. Warming Face Scrub – This is a nice accompaniment to the warming sugar body scrub also on this list.

10. Homemade Lip Balm – You only need four ingredients to make this lip balm recipe, and it makes 12 at once!

Poured Wax Canldes

11. Poured Wax Candles – What’s a spa day without candles? If you don’t have cute glass containers for your candles, start thrifting. You’re bound to find some cute options.

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