10 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts to Make

Father's Day is this Sunday, right? Dang it! Here are 10- last-minute Father's Day gifts that you can make just in time.

Father’s Day is this Sunday, right? Dang it! Here are 10- last-minute Father’s Day gifts that you can make just in time.

If you suddenly find yourself in the market for a last-minute Father’s Day gift, you don’t have to run out to the nearest big-box store and grab up the first thing you see. Considering that it takes me, personally, at LEAST an hour to run to the store, you can make pretty much all of the gifts listed below in the time that it would take to buy something new.

And considering that you can definitely find many gifts on the list below that can be made completely from your stash, you’ll be saving money while saving time while giving something that’s way more thoughtful than anything that they’ve got waiting for you at Target!

Many of the gifts below are great kid crafts, and even with the ones that aren’t, I’ve included tips for how your kids can help you make each one. So check the list out, choose something you like, and make some father very, very happy on his special day:

backgammon. Okay, this one takes more than an hour to make, but only if you count the drying time. Kids can paint the base coat, as well as choose the pretty papers from your stash.

barbecue sauce. Here’s a special sauce that you can make from ingredients that you already have in the kitchen. Kids can help measure, pour, and mix!

burger and fry seasoning. Dads who like to grill will love this seasoning, which is super easy to pull together but still tastes great on everything. If you get out the funnel, even little kids can help measure and pour. Present the bottle layered, as the tute shows, for the best effect, but if your little one *really* wants to shake it up, well, it’s still going to taste good!

coffee mug makeover. Ceramics markers + a thrifted white coffee mug = some dad’s favorite kid-made gift EVER.

felted wool rocks. Everyone can use another paperweight, especially one as beautiful as this.

homemade shaving cream. If you like to make your own soaps or lip balms, you probably have the very few ingredients required to make this shaving cream.

microwave bowl pot holder. Does Dad nuke his lunch at work? This pot holder should help! Let kids choose the scraps and help with the sewing (even wee ones can sit on your lap and guide the fabric).

salt dough and rocks paperweight. I’m not a lover of cutesy sayings, so I think that your kids should just decorate this paperweight however they’d like.

Father's Day is this Sunday, right? Dang it! Here are 10- last-minute Father's Day gifts that you can make just in time.tree branch pencil holder. This is the quickest, easiest project that still looks crazy-good. Older kids can make this pencil holder completely independently, and even the littles can hold a power drill.

upcycled belt bracelet. You’ll need a heavy-duty snap for this, but otherwise, everyone has at least one belt that they secretly hate, right? Upcycle it!

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