How-to: Refurbish Thrifted Dishes with Ceramics Markers

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thrifted china plate refurbished with ceramics markers

I am a HUGE fan of thrifted dishes (to be safe, I always check that they’re not contaminated with lead glaze before I buy). Thrifted white dishes are cheap and go with any decor, and some of you will probably say that they’re perfect just the way that they are, but you aren’t tacky like I am.

I need all my stuff to be crazy awesome (or just crazy!), so I like to pretty up my thrifted dishes using the most simple, most brilliant craft supply that you’ve ever heard of: ceramics markers.

You can use ceramics markers on anything ceramic or porcelain–cheap plates, fancy plates, coffee mugs, vases, bathroom tiles, etc. Your dishes will remain food-safe and dishwasher-safe, and they’ll have a ton of personality. Here’s how to do it:

decorate the plate with ceramics markersTo begin, make sure that your dishes are squeaky clean and dry. I like to hand-wash them just this once, so that I can make sure that there’s absolutely no residue on them.

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