Spotted: Solar Light Jack-o-Lantern, and 8 other Halloween Crafts

Solar Light Jack-o-Lantern

Solar Light Jack-o-Lantern and other Halloween Crafts

Who doesn’t love having a spookily-lit Jack-o-lantern shining on their front porch?

Well, people who are scared that a lit candle will fall over and burn their house down, for one. People who don’t want to use up batteries on artificial lights, for two.

That’s why this solar-lit Jack-o-lantern from Bitz and Giggles is so brilliant. The project involves dismantling an old outdoor solar light (check garage sales or your local Restore to find one), and results in a Jack-o-lantern that charges all day in the sun, and then shines spookily all night on your front porch, without the threat of fire damage and without using batteries.

I especially love this Jack-o-lantern because you don’t have to go out late at night to blow out candles or flip any switches–your solar-lit Jack-o-lantern will shine merrily on without your involvement and without causing any problems, and it’ll happily recharge itself the next day, again without you lifting a finger.

In the mood for some more Halloween crafts? Check these out!

1. balancing batThis a great party craft, as the kids can both make and play with them.

2. boo bottlesYou’ll need tissue paper and an old glass jar, and you can add a solar light!

3. candy holders. If you want to give out candy at a party, but want to prevent tummy aches, divide it ahead of time into these cute monster candy holders, made from toilet paper tubes.

4. fall leaf Jack-o-lanternFind a clear plastic bag to re-use for this project; the orange will come from nature!

5. papel picadoThere are tons of great templates online to use for these buntings, and they look great made from any upcycled paper.

6. sugar skullSugar skulls are SO fun to decorate. This recipe makes them easy!

7. tin can bowlingThese cans, painted like pumpkins and monsters, make a fun party activity for kids.

8. vegan Halloween party foodThis food is spooky fun, and it’s all vegan!

[solar-lit Jack-o-lantern image via Bits and Giggles]

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