20 Recycled Autumn Craft Ideas

Recycled Crafts for Autumn: Upcycled Fall Crafts

Celebrate the change in seasons AND divert some trash from the waste stream with these great recycled autumn craft ideas. Eco-friendly decorating can be fun and easy!

Celebrate the change in seasons AND divert some trash from the waste stream with these great recycled autumn craft ideas.

1. book page bunting.Β The spare look of these looks especially nice at autumn.

2. book pumpkin. Use one of those Reader’s Digest Condensed books. Nobody likes those.

3. cabinet door sign. An old cabinet door makes a really great wreath, with space in the middle for a chalk message.

4. Easter egg acorns.Β This is a great way to upcycle plastic Easter eggs.

5. fall tree luminaries.Β Turn tissue paper and upcycled glass jars into these magical lanterns.

6. flannel hand warmers.Β Cut up an old flannel shirt and make these hand warmers.

7. leaf and book page garland. Instead of the crepe paper leaves called for in this tutorial, use real leaves for a combo of natural and upcycled.

8. painted Mason jars.Β I use my Mason jars for real, so I like to substitute upcycled spaghetti or salsa jars for the same look.

9. puzzle piece tree.Β I LOVE upcycling puzzle pieces!

10. recycled cardboard lettersAutumn Craft.Β Don’t buy those big cardboard letters from the craft store to decorate your mantle–make your own instead!

11. recycled paper pumpkins.Β It may be a tad too early for Jack-o-lanterns, but it’s not too early for pumpkins!

12. scarecrow jar. Upcycle a spaghetti sauce jar instead of using a new plastic jar.

13. scrap wood sign.Β Two wood pallet boards would work well for this.

14. sweater pumpkins.Β Upcycle old sweaters into comfy pumpkins.

15. toilet paper tube apple core.Β Do this project with kids after you get home from the apple orchard.

16. toilet paper tube leaf stamping.Β Some of you love toilet paper tube crafts and some of you hate them–this tutorial is for those of you who love them!

Autumn Craft: Leaf Garland17. upcycled cardboard leaf garland. I enjoy printing out templates for all kinds of leaves from the internet, to give my garland a ton of variety.

18. wood pallet pumpkin. Cut down your scraps into this pumpkin for your porch.

19. wood pallet sign. Paint remakes an old wood pallet into a festive autumn greeting.

20. yarn-wrapped leaves.Β Cut leaf shapes out of upcycled cardboard, then give the kids your yarn scraps and let them play!

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