Recycled Paper Pumpkins!

Can you believe that next Monday is October 1st? In preparation, I was browsing Pinterest for unique pumpkin ideas. I came across this awesome tutorial from Two Paper Divas and knew I had to try it! Instead of using scrapbook paper, though, I decided to make this project even more eco-friendly by using book pages!

What You Will Need:

1. Recycled paper. I used the same book pages I used in my Recycled Fall Jars tutorial. You could also use sheet music, magazine pages, newspaper, etc.

2. Scissors

3. A pencil

4. Tape

5. Hot glue/hot glue gun

6. Ruler or straight edge

7. Orange and green marker

How To Do It:

1. Using your ruler or straight edge, a pencil, and scissors, cut your book pages into strips. Please refer to Two Paper Divas’ tutorial for the exact measurements. The only difference is that I taped two book page strips end to end so that it would form a large enough circle.

2. Fold your book pages accordion style. Then, tape the ends together to form your medallion.

3. Cut a small circle out of your book pages. Then, hot glue the circle onto the middle of your medallion. This will help keep your medallions together.

4. Hot glue your medallions together. Again, please refer to the Two Paper Divas’ tutorial to see the how they stacked the different measurements.

5. Add the “stem” to your pumpkin by grabbing a stick from outside. The Two Paper Divas‘ punched a hole in the top of their pumpkin to keep it in place, but I just hot glued mine to the top. Either way will work wonderfully!

6. Add your leaves. I drew two leaves onto my book pages and used them as my leaves. Then, I took my green marker and went around the edges like so:

7. Go around the edges of your pumpkin with an orange marker. This will highlight the fact that it is indeed a pumpkin! In retrospect, I would have done this at the beginning when I first cut my book pages into strips.

You’re finished! Now you can put your paper pumpkin on your mantle, as the centerpiece of your table, or on a book shelf.

Where would you place your paper pumpkin? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

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