19 Nature Crafts for Christmas

Fill Clear Glass Ornaments: Nature Crafts for Christmas

Get outside or hit the farmer’s market to collect what you need to make these nature crafts for Christmas.

Get outside or hit the farmer's market to collect what you need to make these nature crafts for Christmas.

Some of the best holiday decorations come from nature!

19 Nature Crafts for Christmas

Nature Crafts for Christmas1. apple pomanderHere’s a traditional Christmas gift from the pioneer times.

2. aromatic ornamentAdd cloves or other scented spices to your ornaments to make them extra aromatic.

3. birdseed outdoor ornamentThe birds are going to love you this year!

4. bottle and branch Christmas tree. Construct your own mini Christmas tree from an old bottle and lots of little fallen branches.

5. Christmas story stonesThere’s a fun game that you can play with these story stones, but they also look cute just sitting in a little bowl on your coffee table.

Nature Crafts for Christmas: Tree Branch Paintbrushes6. Christmas tree paintbrushesDid you have to trim your tree a little to make it nice and perfect? Let the kids make some art with the trimmings!

7. Christmas tree vegetable platterSneak some healthy veggies into your holiday celebration!

8. cinnamon doughThis is the perfect dough to use when making Christmas decorations.

9. cinnamon stick reindeerReindeer have never smelled better!

10. salt dough ornamentsThey don’t smell as fragrant as cinnamon dough, but they’re paintable!

11. filled ornamentsPut in some pretty pebbles, or beach sand from your last vacation!

12. glitter and snow pineconesYou won’t believe the major transformation that these pine cones undergo!

13. pinecone Christmas treeYou’ll find the last of these supplies out in your garden shed.

14. pinecone elfHere’s a cute craft to make with your nature walk treasures.

Nature Crafts for Christmas: pistachio flower15. pistachio flowerA beautiful holiday decoration is only a few dozen nuts away!

16. scrap ribbon treesA few spools of pretty ribbon and some small twigs, and you’ve got a whole tree’s worth of ornaments.

17. vegan holiday recipesHave a plant-based Christmas dinner!

18. wood slice Santa ornamentsThe wood slices will take some time to cut and sand, but the results are really cute.

19. wood slice string art ornamentThis is a  gorgeous ornament for your tree.


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