Christmas Craft: Pistachio Flower

pistachio flower

pistachio flower

I love it when an item comes in a good, solid box. Candy, small toys, electronics – if the box is sturdy – it’s going into my craft stash. These boxes come in super-handy during the holiday season because they can hold up to decoupaging and all sorts of glues. But for this craft, I’m doing something a little different. I’m taking all the pistachio shells that I’ve been saving (I never throw anything away) and turning them into a pistachio flower that will adorn the top of a beautiful (and former) candy box. This craft is not only a show-stopper – but everyone will be blown away by your creative use of pistachio shells.


  • Lots and lots of pistachio shells
  • Candy box
  • Marker
  • Hot Glue

pistachio flower


  1. First, make sure your pistachio shells are clean. I rub each one with a paper towel to make sure there’s no skin from the nut left on there.
  2. With a marker, trace a circle onto the top of your box. I used a tea container that was just big enough to cover the Lindt chocolate logo. (Not only does Lindt make amazing chocolates, but the boxes that the sweets come in are beautiful.)
  3. Put down a dab of hot glue onto the center of the circle.
  4. Clump three shells together to form a bud and place them into the glue.
  5. The rest is super simple! Just add glue and pistachio shells around the bud in a circular pattern. Continue doing this until you’ve covered the circle that you drew with the marker. It’s best to angle the shells slightly upwards. Remember, we’re trying to replicate the petals of a flower.

Two options

  • Find something small and round to place in the center of the flower. I used a candy ball from my baking kit.
  • You can also paint your pistachio shells. I suggest doing this before you glue them onto the box. Just add the shells into a plastic baggie with some craft paint and shake them around. Lay the shells out to dry before gluing. You can do touch-ups on the paint job once everything is attached to the box.

pistachio flower

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Happy holiday crafting!

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