10 Infused Drinks You Can Make From Scratch

infused drinks

I have been kind of crazy for cocktails lately, and I love the way an infused drink adds an extra bit of oomph to any regular drink recipe. Check out these 10 recipes for infused drinks that you can make at home!

Ever since having my baby, I’ve been getting into making fun cocktails. Before I got pregnant I was more a wine or beer gal, but now when I go out for a drink with my lady friends, I can’t resist fancy concoctions from the cocktail menu. When I’m having a drink at the end of a long week, sometimes it’s more relaxing to mix something up at home than try to coordinate going out. It’s been a lot of fun experimenting with different flavor combinations and infused drink recipes!

If you’ve never made an infused drink before, don’t worry! Basically, an infusion is just booze steeped with a combination of herbs, fruits, and spices. Different ingredients need to steep for different periods of time, but you really can play it pretty fast and loose. Not sure where to start? Try one of these infused drink recipes!

Infused Drinks

  1. Limoncello – Sure, you can buy limoncello at the store, but wouldn’t it be even more fun to make your own?
  2. Lemon-Basil Infused Vodka – This is my most recent adventure in infusions, and it’s super summery and delicious!
  3. Lavender Infused Gin – There’s something special about lavender. It’s got such a soothing taste and mixes well with any type of citrus.
  4. Coffee Bourbon – I am not a brown liquor girl, but this coffee-spiked bourbon looks amazing!
  5. Pineapple Ginger Infused Rum – Can you say, “Best pina colada EVER?”
  6. Fruity Fizz – Not a booze drinker? You can infuse yourself some fizzy water for a healthy, refreshing mocktail!
  7. Cucumber Infused Tequila – Cool cucumber would really up the ante of your next margarita, wouldn’t it?
  8. Grapefruit, Lemongrass, and Lime-Infused Gin – The suggested recipe for this one is a gin and tonic, but I bet it would be tasty on the rocks with a splash of soda water, too!
  9. Grilled Peach-Infused Bourbon – Another brown liquor that looked too good not to inlclude. Smoky, sweet grilled peaches seem just right to lighten up the taste of bourbon, don’t they?
  10. Lime-Sage Infused Vodka – This is a surprising combination. Earthy sage and bright limes would be nice in a gimlet or even a bloody Mary!

Do you have a favorite infused drink recipe? Tell us yours in the comments!

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