Have a Green 4th of July with These 23 Eco-Friendly Crafts

Green 4th of July Crafts

Holidays don’t have to be yet another excuse to buy a bunch of nonsense and waste a bunch of resources. Instead, have yourself a very green 4th of July this year, by replacing something store-bought and consumer-driven with one or more of these eco-friendly crafts and recipes!

1. 4th of July Waldorf window starYou don’t have to be into fireworks to love the 4th. Here’s a lovely decoration that’ll give you some peaceful, quiet time in the making.

2. Button flagKids love to play with buttons, so why not hand over some of your stash and let them go? While they’re working, you can make your own patriotic button art.

3. Cupcake toppersYou’ll be the hit of your 4th of July potluck with these festive cupcake toppers!

4th of July crafts

4. Egg carton flagYou probably have everything that you need to make this quick and easy preschool-friendly craft.

5. Film canister rocketsAre you still hoarding an old film canisters from the days of print photography? Whip them out and show all the neighborhood kids how to have a fabulous, messy time launching these DIY rockets.

6. Firework paintingHere’s a process-oriented craft for the kids, and it upcycles toilet paper tubes!

7. Firework salt painting. Keep those little hands busy with another process-oriented project.

8. Fireworks block setYou could make these in all sizes, from tiny tabletop models to giant porch ones. I also think that they’d make a cute toy set for the kids.

9. Mason jar candlesIt’s the dyed rice that makes these candles truly special.

10. Painted burlap bannerIt never would have occurred to me to paint burlap!

11. Painted rocksMy kids and I have been painting rocks lately, and I have to say that I’m hooked!

12. Parade wandIf you’re marching in a 4th of July parade, make it something special!

13. Patriotic Mason jarsThese are SO pretty. They look beautiful by themselves, but also make lovely vases or luminaries.

14. PinwheelHere’s another toy that will keep a kid busy during the downtime at a parade or cook-out.

15. Ribbon wreathThis is a great way to use up a LOT of ribbon scraps.

16. Sparkle bottlesTo make this even more eco-friendly, have your kiddos search for found or recycled items. This would make a great preschool or day camp craft for any time of year.

17. Pineapple centerpieceSpray paint isn’t a great choice, but I do like the fact that you can eat this centerpiece instead of trashing it.

18. Stars and stripes rag ballI don’t think that you should use Styrofoam balls, but I’d be very curious to see how old tennis balls would work for this project.

19. Stick flagIf you’re in the market for a nature craft, this is the one for you.

20. Tin can tossThis would also be a good target for bean bags.

21. Toilet paper tube rocketsLove them or hate them, you know we can’t have a round-up without including at least one toilet paper tube craft!

4th of July Crafts

22. Toy sparklersGive the little ones something that they can play with without burning their hands.

23. Upcycled firecracker decorationsHere’s another toilet paper tube craft. It also upcycles old book pages, for a more adult look.

24. WindsockDecorate this for the 4th of July, or just give it a summery feel.

25. Yarn-wrapped starThis star takes a while to make, but just look how lovely it turns out!

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