Getting Crafty in the Kitchen: Homemade Tea Blends


Lavender Mint Tea

Annie B. Bond at Care2 shares a simple recipe for lavender mint tea. The beauty of this tea blend is that you can grow the ingredients yourself! Mint and lavender are easy to grow in the garden or in pots. She suggests some variations like rosemary or lemon balm, which you can also grow yourself.

How cute would it be to start a little potted tea garden in your windowsill?

So spill it crafty tea drinkers! Have you experimented with making your own tea blends? I’d love to hear your recipes in the comments.

[Image Credits: Chai Tea. Creative Commons photo by elanaspantry, Ginger. Creative Commons photo by chiotsrun, Dried Hibiscus Flower. Creative Commons photo by seesternrea, Lavender. Creative Commons photo by maiac]

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