Use Mateless Socks To Spice Up Planters

Everyone has had experience with the Sock Monster.Β  This beast generally takes socks from you while your clothes are in the dryer, or they could mysteriously disappear under the bed never to be seen again.Β  What you’re left with is a bunch of socks without their mates, and if they have any sort of design or color, it’s hard to find a decent replacement mate to go with it.Β  I originally saw a little blurb in the recent Rachael Ray magazine about lost socks, and how you can use them to make your planters a little more exciting.Β  Since I have quite a few of these mateless socks myself, I decided to give it a shot.

mateless sock planter

First, I rounded up all the mateless socks I had.Β  I found these three socks with dots that would work perfectly.Β  Then, I found a few baby mason jars from a random canning experiment.Β  Next, just slide the sock over the mason jar until it is snug around the bottom (so that the jar doesn’t wobble).Β  Fold down the sock to the inside, and voila!Β  If your sock is really long compared to your jar or pot, you can cut it down.Β  Fill in the jar or pot with dirt, then add your seeds and water, and you’re all done.

These are good for planting herbs indoors all year round, and they brighten up the space.Β  They also work with jars and pots of various sizes, since the socks have a little bit of a stretch to them.Β  This is a great recycling project that is fun, and easy, and gives those mateless socks a second chance.

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