Getting Crafty in the Kitchen: Homemade Tea Blends

Chai Tea

Does the chilly weather get you craving hot beverages? Sure, you could pick up a box of store-bought tea, but wouldn’t it be more fun to mix up your own creations? Store bought tea might be easier, but between the box it comes in, the tea bags, and those stapled-on paper tags, it can also mean a lot of waste. Some tea bags even come individually packaged in their own paper or plastic sleeves!

Here are some tea recipes that you can mix up at home. No over-packaging required! You can steep the loose tea in a tea ball, or if you’re feeling super crafty, you could even brew them up in homemade tea bags.

Chai Tea

Over at Eat Drink Better, Jeannie shows us how to make our very own chai tea latte at home. You could brew it up on the spot, like in her recipe, or mix the herbs to have a chai blend on hand for any time you’re wanting a warm cuppa.

The chai blend in a pretty glass jar with instructions attached would make a pretty great holiday gift, too!

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