TerraCycle Gets Crafty With Discarded Wine Products

Wine Coarkboard by TerraCycleTerraCycle is best known for their garden products packaged in reused bottles and their recycled material fire starter logs.

Now they are expanding their selection of products made from waste to include rain barrels and composters made from discarded wooden wine barrels and cork boards made from used wine bottle corks. They’ve also expanded into making office products from various materials. The cork boards and other office products are available at Office Max stores.

I am so in love with wine products. I use a lot of used wine products (bottles, labels, corks, etc) in my crafts. So I am totally in love with TerraCycle’s new wine products. I received the wonderful cork board that I now need to locate to a great spot near one of my desks (yes I have more than one).

What I am really coveting is the rain barrel and composter made from old wood wine barrels…major coveting going on. They are so rustic and sexy. Yes, sexy.

wine bareel composter

I don’t know what it is about anything to do with wine but I think it’s sexy. Maybe I have a wine fetish. Hmmm…

Anyway my kitchen is a wine lover’s kitchen. I have grapes and wine bottles and wine theme decor everywhere along with two wine racks. My love for wine is expanding into other areas of the house now. And if I get a wine barrel composter or rain barrel it looks like my wine fetish will be expanding to the great outdoors as well.

I just love TerraCycle. They have taken the idea of upcycling waste products in crafty and creative ways and turned it into a successful business. Most of us create as a hobby. TerraCycle has turned creative thinking into the successful model of a green business venture. Now that’s crafting a green world.

wine barrel rain turned rain barrel

If we could all strive to think in such creatively green ways the world would be a better and greener place.

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