Five Eco-Friendly, Handmade Gifts to Give for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's DayI know, I know–most of these holidays are just ploys by greeting card companies to get us to buy stuff. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day–it’s a plot by Hallmark to get me to spend my hard-earned money on a bunch of nonsense.

I have two little kids, though, and a loving partner. There’s no WAY I’m giving up the glory of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, and heck, I’ll do my part on Father’s Day, too. And it is nice to have a sanctioned event handy to remind us to honor and celebrate our loved ones, to demonstrate our gratitude and appreciation of them. Especially when we’re honoring mothers. As in me.

Everyone in my family knows, though, that I only like gifts that are 1) handmade, 2) food (especially if it’s also homemade), 3) camera stuff, or 4) craft supplies. And nobody hardly ever gets me camera stuff.

So here’s a list of five nifty, crafty, handmade gifts that you can make in plenty of time for Mother’s Day. Just in case, you know, you don’t have a good camera store near you:

  •  Moms might like to garden. So September offers a tutorial for a flowerpot cozy, a pretty wrap to pretty up an old flowerpot that you happen to have indoors. Oh, and it’s reversible, because my girls help me water.
  • Moms might like to take a bath. Lost Button Studio offers a quickie tute (you know I love those) for bath salts scented with essential oils, a good way for me to mix up the weirdo scents that only I like (spearmint eucalyptus, anybody?).
  • Moms might like chocolate. Her Cup Overfloweth offers a tutorial for a personal chocolate cake baked in a coffee mug. Make some for the whole family, or just for mom to eat all by herself in bed for a change.
  • Moms might like hot coffee. Tiny Happy offers a tutorial for a quilted french press cozy. On account of as the coffee brews, it’s not getting any hotter in that french press.
  • Moms might like corsages (I don’t know about this one so much, myself, but I know my grandma would like a corsage). Craftzine offers a tutorial for a fabric scrap corsage. Bonus points for stash-busting.

Are you going to have a handmade Mother’s Day?

7 thoughts on “Five Eco-Friendly, Handmade Gifts to Give for Mother’s Day”

  1. I work part-time at a garden center, and so this year for Mother’s Day, I’m using my employee discount to fill my mom’s deck planters. Not exactly crafting, but planting things is green, right? (The potting soil is organic, at least…)

  2. Since I’m a seamstress, my family and friends are used to getting home-sewn gifts from me. I have just received a great big bag of organic buckwheat hulls all the way from Ontario (I’m on Vancouver Island) and can’t wait to make up some pillows out of hemp/cotton. My mom will be the first recipient – she has some arthritis so I know she’ll appreciate the way they can be molded to any shape. Watch for it on my etsy shop!

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