Handmade Holiday: Make Your Valentine out of Comic Books

Comic Book ValentineOr newspaper. Or sheet music. Or parchment paper. Or wrapping paper. Or napkins. Or old scrapbook paper. Or crinkled aluminum foil. Or pre-colored coloring book pages.

Anything that you can cut a heart out of or paint a heart on, you can make into a Valentine.

Make your Valentine out of yarn. Or twine. Or twigs. Or hair. Or selvage. Or dried beans. Or dirt. Or ribbon. Or chain.

Sheet Music ValentineAnything you can glue down into the shape of “I Love You,” you can make into a Valentine.

Cook your Valentine out of peanut butter. Or cinnamon. Or meringue. Or ketchup. Or chocolate. Or cheese. Or tofu.

Anything you can cut or bake or pipe into a heart shape, you can make into a Valentine.

It’s a sweet holiday. It doesn’t have to be fake, and it definitely doesn’t have to be Hallmark.

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