5 Christmas Tree Projects From Recycled Materials

Need some extra Christmas decorations? Try one of these mini Christmas tree projects!

Christmas tree projects from Recycled Materials

As you could tell from the DIY mini Christmas tree that I made, I love making little Christmas trees to decorate around the house. The bad thing about many DIY mini Christmas tree projects is that they aren’t necessarily eco-friendly! However, I found five incredible eco-friendly projects that would be perfect around the house, on the Christmas dinner table, or even to give as a gift at a holiday party! Take a peek at these awesome tutorials and be inspired!

Β 1. Trees from Felted Sweaters by The Long Thread

We have several posts about recycling old sweaters and how to turn a shrunken sweater into an infinity scarf, so, if you have any extra sweater scraps from those projects– make an awesome tree like this one! The Long ThreadΒ explains how to turn your felted sweaters into a masterpiece! She even includes a template to make the different sized circles.

Can you imagine all of the color possibilities you could create with your old sweaters? Perhaps you don’t have any sweaters to sacrifice this year– don’t fret, the next project is made from book pages!

Christmas tree projects from Recycled Materials

2.Β Rolled Paper Tree by Craftaphile

Craftaphile shares her own non-conventional Christmas tree using book pages! This project is a great way to save some of those dusty books on your shelf and give them new life. You don’t even have to limit yourself to book pages– you could use newspaper or sheet music as well! If you want a really colorful tree you could use magazine pages too. I still have several old magazines that I used for my Laundry Cup Wall Art project and Recycled Gift Tag & Ornament tutorial.

If you like the idea of using book pages, newspaper, and magazines to make a Christmas tree, keep clicking!

Christmas tree projects from Recycled Materials

3.Β Recycled Paper Christmas Tree by Recycled Lovelies

Recycled Lovelies created this project using a old frozen pizza box or cereal box, and an old newspaper. I adore the texture and the vintage feel her tree has in particular. I can envision these trees made at various heights– perfect for a gorgeous centerpiece for Christmas dinner. It would be a fantastic conversation piece as well!

Again, you don’t have to limit yourself to just using newspaper– you could use an old book, a map, or magazines. Add your own personal touch to it! The next project is very versatile as well and she added a little sparkle!


4.Β Mini Christmas Tree Ornaments by The Sweetest Occasion

Although The Sweetest Occasion labels this project as “ornaments,” she includes templates to make several different sizes. She inspired me by using vintage music magazines from the 50s–swoon! I can really envision this project with sheet music and it makes my music-loving-self smile! To finish off these special trees, she put glue on the edges of the trees and then sprinkled glitter on them! The glitter gives it a gorgeous sparkle and is such a lovely detail.

Maybe you’re looking for a Christmas tree with more natural elements and less sparkle? Well, look no further, the next project is just that!
Christmas tree projects from Recycled Materials

5. Twiggy Christmas Trees by Michele Made Me

Michele Made Me brought nature inside by creating these incredible Christmas trees from twigs. I love the simplicity of the colors and design. If you’re looking for a Christmas tree to decorate your tree, or give as a gift at a company Christmas party, this project is just for you. This project is a little more involved than the others simply because it requires a drill, but it seems quite easy to complete! You could also enlist the help of your children to decorate them if you’d like to add a special touch to your Christmas trees.

All of these amazing projects have my brain spinning! I don’t know which one to make first! What about you? Are you inspired to make any of these projects?

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Image Credits (in order of appearance): The Long Thread, , Shutterstock, Bonnie Getchell, Shutterstock, and Michele Made Me

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