How To: Laundry Cup Wall Art

laundry cup wall art

Today I get the privilege of answering a reader question! The reader asked if we had any project ideas for the cups/lids that come with laundry detergent like these:

laundry cup wall art

Here’s what I came up with–laundry cup wall art!

recycled wall art

When I saw the round laundry cup I immediately thought of a sunburst design. The sunburst design is really popular right now– just a few of my favorite examples are from Crazy WonderfulΒ and Under The Table and Dreaming. I wanted to recreate the sunburst look, but add a recycled element. As I was thinking about this, I came across some old magazines and several ads that I received during the Black Friday madness. This project is the perfect way to save those pointless and wasteful magazines and turn them into something worth looking at!

What You Will Need:

1. Laundry Cup

2. Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun

3. Magazines

4. Tape

Β How To Do It:

1. Cut out strips of your magazine. You will want to do two different widths– longer ones and shorter ones. In addition, you will want to do another width for the rolls that will fit inside your laundry cup. I made mine the same length as the cup so they didn’t stick out. I rolled about 37 magazine strips for the inside of my laundry cup and rolled 18 for the outside of my laundry cup. I used tiny strips of tape to keep them from unrolling.

laundry cup wall art

2. Hot glue your rolls to the outside “lip” of your laundry cup. Like I said in the How To: Make a Mini Christmas Tree post, don’t go too crazy with the hot glue– if you do, it will make your project look messy once it’s hanging on your wall.

3. Once that has dried, you can place the rest of your rolls into the inside of your laundry cup. I packed mine in tightly so I didn’t even have to glue them in place, but if you are more comfortable with hot gluing them you can.

That’s it! This is a very simple project! If you wanted to add a small mirror to the center like the projects I mentioned above, you could do that as well! And, if you have any extra magazines leftover, you could make an Upcycled Leaf Garland or a Pinwheel!

laundry call wall art

laundry cup wall art

laundry cup wall art

I used a Command strip to attach it to the wall. I tried making a hole for a nail in the back of the laundry cup (so it would be hidden under all of the rolls in the middle section), but it started to crack the cup, so I wouldn’t suggest doing that.

Also, I didn’t make over the blue laundry cup yet, but I thought you could do it similarly and punch a hole in the handle part to make a cool Christmas ornament! We all use laundry detergent so I would love to see even more ideas for laundry cups! If you have any ideas, leave us a comment or share a link to your own laundry cup project!

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