Etsy Artist Paints with Pollution

mine drainage art

David Janesko creates beautiful art pieces using electronic and toxic waste.

While Janesko says that his art doesn’t have an environmental agenda, I think these pieces are incredibly eye-opening. He creates these pieces by dipping canvas in polluted rivers or dissolving electronics in salt and vinegar. He may not be trying to send an environmental message, but each piece feels like a testament to the waste we create and the ways it shapes our planet.

pollution art

We’ve talked before about the horrible damage that mining does to surrounding ecosystems, and Janesko’s work showcases that pollution in a dark, beautiful way.

Janesko doesn’t work strictly in pollutants. He also makes paints out of natural materials, like walnut ink and works with reclaimed materials like IKEA furniture instructions. This might feel like a bit of a departure from his pollutant painting, but I think these reclaimed and natural materials go hand in hand with the rest of his work.

Walnut Ink Painting
Walnut Ink Painting

Have you run across any other examples of pollutants as art? We highlighted a designer that was screenprinting with oil from the Gulf not too long ago, and I’d love to see what other folks are doing!

[Images via Etsy.]

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