Designer Creates Prints using Oil from BP Oil Spill

oil on Grand Isle Beach
Oil on Grand Isle Beach, Louisiana

London-based graphic designer Anthony Burrill is producing screen prints using oil from the Gulf BP oil spill.

The prints feature the simple phrase “Oil and Water Do Not Mix.” While the main stream media may be tired of covering the BP oil spill, the effects from this disaster are far from over. From fish kills to the effects of poisonous dispersants and health concerns over cleanup workers, the Gulf is going to be suffering damages from this spill for years to come. Projects like Burrill’s help keep this disaster in the public discourse.

The oil was collected from Grand Isle, Louisiana beaches and New Orleans printing company Purple Monkey Design create the prints in their studio. They use heat to set the design once it’s printed. Here’s a peek into the process:

All profits from poster sales are going to benefit the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. Each framed, signed, and numbered poster goes for €150, which is around $207.

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by lagohsep]

Written by Becky Striepe

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