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stuart_haygarth_tide_light.jpgThe first time I saw Stuart Haygarth’s work was at Designers Block in London back in September 2005, I walked into a dimly lit room and was confronted with the most amazing visual spectacle.

The Tide Chandelier was the first thing I saw, it is an extraordinary mish mash of found objects arranged in an amazingly intricate and precise way. For Stuart it is a statement about the amount of debris on our shores. Everything he used to create this chandelier was found washed up on a particular part of the Kent coastline.

The Millennium Chandelier is another narrative piece, constructed from 1000 Party Poppers collected on 01.01.00 after the millennium celebrations in London, it is a work of art so specific that it could never be exactly recreated.

Another of Stuart’s projects, ‘Shadey Family’ is made using old light shades. As Stuart puts it, “Solely each shade is not particularly eye catching but when grouped together in a unit they become harmonious and beautiful… The Chandelier reminds me of a family because each lampshade has its own character but when together they join forces and become one entity”.

Not only is he reusing old or discarded items, but by grouping them together so expertly and telling a story about why he has used them he is not just creating a new object from something old, he is making beautiful art.

To see more of Stuart’s inspiring work visit his website.

Written by Emma Henderson

Emma Henderson launched Showpony in 2006 with an aim to produce fun and engaging printed products for the home and accessories market.

Trompe l'oeil meaning to ‘trick the eye’ is a theme which runs through much of Emma’s designs, from hiding bugs within the folds of her cushions or using vintage images on modern shapes. Inspired by honesty in nature and poking fun at real life she creates products that are functional and beautiful.

She is passionate about creating new products but remains committed to sustainable design all of Showpony’s products are made using organic cotton which is hand spun and woven by a fair-trade cooperative.


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