21 Eco-Friendly Artificial Easter Eggs

Chalkboard Easter Egg

Chalkboard Easter Egg

Just because you don’t use real eggs doesn’t mean that you have to use plastic eggs for Easter. There are tons of eco-friendly Easter egg alternatives that are way more beautiful than plastic eggs–check out just some of them below!

1. baker’s twine Easter eggsGlue the baker’s twine onto an especially ugly egg form. It would even work on a plastic egg in your stash, to transform it from disposable to endlessly beautiful.

2. carrot Easter eggsYou can do this project on any paintable Easter egg form.

Chalkboard Easter Egg3. chalkboard Easter eggYou can use chalkboard paint on almost any surface, but something smooth, like unfinished wood or ceramic, will work best with the chalk.

4. clay Easter eggI normally like my Easter egg substitutes to be three-dimensionally egg-shaped, but decorating these clay eggs would be a great substitute for dyeing Easter eggs.

5. crocheted Easter eggsIf you crochet, this is obviously what you should make. These are so beautiful!

6. dyed wooden eggsHere’s a great method for dyeing wooden eggs much as you dye conventional Easter eggs.

7. Easter egg bath bombsThe tutorial requires you to have one plastic egg on hand as a mold, but I’ve also heard that you can mold these by hand or use a novelty baking mold.

8. Easter egg with silver leafThis is another embellishment technique that works well on a variety of surfaces. This is also a good way to transform a potentially disposable plastic Easter egg into a decoration that you’ll treasure every year.

9. embroidery floss eggsYou’ve got to use a balloon for this project, so it’s not 100% eco-friendly, but if you’ve got some hanging around in your stash…

10. felt Easter eggs. Lay out all of your pretty embellishments, and kids will be thrilled to decorate these felt eggs!

11. felted wool Easter eggsIf you craft with wool, you’ll LOVE these beautiful felted wool eggs.

12. foil-covered Easter eggsWe have some wooden eggs that are decorated with toddler Sharpie scribbles, and after setting aside a couple of those, the rest go back into the crafting pool. If you’ve got a similar situation, these foil-covered eggs offer a way to re-decorate them.

13. glittered Easter eggsI don’t think that you should use Styrofoam for this, unless that’s what you happen to have on hand. Any artificial egg would work.

14. homemade chocolate peanut butter eggsThese for sure beat the store-bought version!

15. needle felted Easter eggThe tutorial states that you can make the core of this egg from wool roving.

16. painted Easter eggsJust about any artificial egg can be painted with acrylics. If you’re starting with a cardboard or papier mache egg, give it a first coat of primer or gesso.

Eco-Friendly Easter Crafts17. papier-mache Easter eggThis is my favorite DIY Easter egg, because you can create it with a hinge and a fastener, so that you can hide treats inside!

18. quilled Easter eggYou can use the artificial egg of your choice here, as you’ll be completely covering it with paper.

19. three-dimensional paper eggsThese finished eggs would look best as hanging ornaments.

20. tissue paper decoupaged Easter eggsIt can be a little fiddly to work with tissue paper, but the layers of color make the final product quite interesting and decorative.

Wood Burned and Stained Easter Eggs21. woodburned and/or wood stained Easter eggsWood eggs are lovely on their own, but woodburning them and/or staining them will make them really stand out!

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