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papier mache Easter eggs (4 of 4)Ditch plastic Easter eggs entirely! These papier mache Easter eggs are just as fun to hide and find, and they have just as much room for treats inside.

The bonus to papier mache Easter eggs over plastic eggs, however, is that they’re made from recycled materials, not petroleum by-products. They’re handmade, kid-painted, and can be used for years. What’s not to love?

Read on for the tutorial:

Let the papier mache eggs dry.
Let the papier mache eggs dry.

To make these papier mache Easter eggs, you will need:

  • newspaper: Tear it into narrow strips.
  • glue: Use Mod Podge, watered down school glue, or the homemade natural flour/water paste that I use in our DIY pinatas.
  • egg form: If you have any old plastic Easter eggs, you can use those. However, we use our wooden Easter eggs, wrapped in plastic wrap to keep the papier mache from sticking.
  • drying rack: Use an old styrofoam (not cardboard!) egg carton if you have one. Otherwise, use a sheet of wax paper.
  • paints: We use artist’s acrylic paints, but any types of acrylics or tempera will stick.
  • box knife: If you want to be able to hide surprises inside, you’ll need to cut your egg open!
We wrapped our wooden eggs in clear plastic wrap to make egg forms for the papier mache.
We wrapped our wooden eggs in clear plastic wrap to make egg forms for the papier mache.

1. Prepare the egg form. If you’re using an old plastic Easter egg as an egg form, or anything made of glass or shiny plastic, you won’t need any additional preparations. However, if you’re using a wooden egg, as we are, or anything with a rough surface, then first wrap the egg form in clear plastic wrap. If you’d rather not use plastic wrap, which you’ll be able to peel out of the finished egg,  look for something that you won’t mind later lining the interior of the papier mache egg–scrap fabric, perhaps?

papier mache Easter eggs (1 of 3)2. Add newspaper strips. Dip each strip in glue, then run your fingers down both sides of the strip to remove the excess. Wrap the newspaper strips around each egg form, overlapping the strips as needed, covering the egg form completely.

3. Let the glue dry, then repeat. My kiddos like to do the first layer of newspaper strips–they love a mess!–but their results aren’t always exactly egg-shaped. I like to wrap the eggs a second time myself; they need one more layer to be sturdy, and this gives me a chance to smooth out the bumps left by that first kid-made wrapping.

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