12 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas from Everyday Items

If you're planning to make your costume this year, check out some of these fun, DIY Halloween costume ideas!

If you’re planning to make your costume this year, check out some of these fun, DIY Halloween costume ideas!

If you're planning to make your costume this year, check out some of these fun, DIY Halloween costume ideas!

The mornings are getting crisp around here, and for some reason, that gets Halloween on my mind. My son has already decided to be Mister Rogers for Halloween, and our plan for that is one of the DIY Halloween costume ideas you’ll find below.

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12 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Monster Headband

1. Monster Headband – This is a cute idea for a kid costume that you can make from items you probably already have at home.

2. Mister Rogers – I bet that you already have a pair of jeans, a pair of lace-up sneakers, and a shirt and tie. Just hit the thrift store for a cardigan, and you’re in business. My son has also picked out obscure guests from his favorite episodes for me and my husband to dress up as. I’m going to be domino superstar Bob Speca. That costume design is still in progress.

DIY Halloween Decorations: Chalkboard Mask

3. Chalkboard Mask – The cool thing about this mask is that you can chalk different designs to make it fit your costume needs, year after year!

4. Daniel Tiger – This is what my kid dressed as last year. We put him in brown pants and an orange shirt, red tie shoes, and a red hoodie. He refused to wear hisΒ tiger ears or the make-up we had planned, but maybe you’ll have better luck. You can make super quick tiger ears from an old headband and cardboard, and use black eyeliner to add a black dot at the end of his nose and a few whiskers to his cheeks. I believe in you!

DIY witch's hat from newspaper and cardboard (5 of 5)

5. Witch Hat – You can size this for an adult or a child. Then raid the closet for everything black and deep purple. Bing, bang, boom.

DIY Dalek Halloween Costume

6. Dalek – Doctor Who fans, rejoice! This was my kid’s first-ever costume. I covered a gray skirt in blue cut-out circles (from felt scraps) and put him in a striped top. Empty thread spools hot glued to more felt scraps and then glued to one of his baby hats were the antennae. I had him hold one of his baby spoons, since he was so little, but an adult can carry around a paint roller, like a proper Dalek.

DIY Butterfly Wings or Fairy Wings

7. Upcycled Butterfly Wings – You can also make these into fairy wings.

8. Fart – I couldn’t resist this costume, because it’s so, so good. If you have a stash of tulle handy, please, please be a fart this year. Foghorn optional, but if you can borrow one, it really completes the look. Don’t worry if your tulle isn’t green and brown. Just dye it!


9. Yarn Wig – Use an old mesh produce bag to make this silly wig that’s perfect for a clown or witch costume.

10. Dog Costume – I feel like cat costumes are everywhere on Halloween, but poor dogs get left out. This DIY Slinky Dog costume is pure genius. Just maybe don’t choose Uggs for your boots.

Make a No-Sew Hood from a Babywearing Wrap

11. No-Sew Hood – Turn an old baby wrap into a versatile Halloween costume piece.

12. Your Significant Other – If you and your SO are close in size, raid his or her closet for Halloween! My husband killed with this DIY Halloween costume idea at a party, back when we were first dating. The trick is getting the hair close enough, but I know you can do it!

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