Five Ways to Upcycle Old Stuff with Chalkboard Paint

chalkboard and chalkboard paintMy girls and I are thrilled with our chalkboard globe. It was an easy project, and the chalkboard globe is gorgeous, great for homeschooling, fun for artistic drawing or doodling, and a decorative element that fits in with our interior design.

The downside? Chalkboard paint is expensive, and I still have most of that can left over.

The solution, clearly, is to create more chalkboards! Fortunately, there are loads of project and design ideas that call for the upcycling of even more useless objects with chalkboard paint, turning those items, too, into useful and beautiful new elements for work, home, and play.

Here are five project ideas to get you started:

chalkboard shoesMy girls and I all really like to custom-paint our own cheap-o canvas shoes, but the results don’t exactly go with every outfit, especially if we go a little wild with the paint (which we always do).

If your original project called for a light-colored chalkboard paint, especially, check out this tutorial from Sew Can Do, in which she upcycled her canvas shoes with chalkboard paint, resulting in a fresh canvas and a new design for every outfit or occasion.

Even dark chalkboard paint would work here, and would give your shoes more contrast, because if you’re going to spend all that effort remodeling them, then you definitely want them to be noticed!

[The image on this page is the property of Sew Can Do.]

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4 thoughts on “Five Ways to Upcycle Old Stuff with Chalkboard Paint”

  1. Love this post!…I recently painted my car with chalkboard paint and went cross country in it needless to say it was awesome, and so much fun drawing on the hood.

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