Spotted: Magazine Bows from How about Orange, and 13 other Handmade Bows

Handmade Bows

You can make gifts look beautiful even without store-bought plastic ribbons and bows. Make these handmade bows instead!

You can make gifts look beautiful even without store-bought plastic ribbons and bows. This bow from How about Orange uses only a magazine page–not even any glue! The magazine’s text and graphics turn into an abstract illustration on the bow, and the glossiness looks right at home on a package.

The original tutorial for the origami bow is from Let’s Create, and I think it would look well in a variety of sizes and made from a variety of papers–graphic novels, book pages, and the kids’ artwork or homework would all look well.

Need some more ideas for handmade ribbons or homemade bows? Scroll through this list and find the perfect project for you!

1. baker’s twine bowA really special piece of twine doesn’t have to be tied into an elaborate bow.

2. big fabric bowYou can use up a lot of unwanted fabric in these bows.

3. crocheted bowStash bust up your smallest lengths of leftover yarn!

4. denim bowYou DEFINITELY have some old jeans that you can upcycle into this.

You can make gifts look beautiful even without store-bought plastic ribbons and bows. Make these handmade bows instead!5. fabric bowUse up some of the smallest scraps in your fabric stash making these easy bows.

6. felt bowEco-friendly felt isn’t that hard to source, and it makes for another no-sew bow project.

7. felt flowerThis is just as easy to make as the felt bow, and gives a different look to your gifts.

8. formal dress bow. Many formal dresses have bows and ribbons sewn on; upcycle the gaudiest one that you can find and it’ll look tasteful on a gift wrapped in plain paper.

9. gift bowThis one is also made from scrap paper, but it looks more like the conventional plastic ribbon bows that you find at the store.

10. lace flower bowIt’s pretty common to have leftover lace at the end of a project. This will use it up.

11. paper feathersPut this on a package instead of a bow.

12. pinwheel bowThis is as cute as cute can be, AND you get to use a button!

13. tiny bowPut this on a tiny package, and use up that tiny remnant of ribbon while you’re at it.

[magazine page bow image via How about Orange]

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