Make a Giant Upcycled Cardboard Minecraft Grass Block Party Invitation

Giant Upcycled Cardboard Minecraft Grass Block

Giant Upcycled Cardboard Minecraft Grass Block

Why, yes, this IS an oddly specific tutorial that I’m writing here. But what can I say? Sometimes I write tutorials for things that everyone needs to make, like plant markers or refashioned T-shirts or fitted sheets, and sometimes I write tutorials for things that *I* happen to need right now.

And right now, I need seven giant upcycled cardboard Minecraft grass block party invitations, because my kid only turns ten once.

If you know a kid, though, do me a favor and try this: leave the computer and go ask that kid if she’d like to have a giant Minecraft grass block all of her own. I’ll wait right here, because trust me–you’ll be back, and you’ll be making this, too, and here’s how you’ll do it:

1. Score some cube-shaped cardboard boxes. This is the trickiest part of the project, because most cardboard boxes aren’t perfect cubes. You can cut down a larger cardboard box, but I volunteer weekly at a food pantry, and what I did was simply keep my eagle eyes out for the perfect type of box. One day, we got in a pallet-full of I Heart Keenwah snacks, and the boxes that those snack packs come in are perfect cubes! Tape the box closed, and you’re all set!

Do you have a natural grocery near you? Does it stock I Heart Keenwah snack packs? Ask them if they’ll save you a few boxes!

2. Download Minecraft grass block skin vectors. Google it, Baby! You want to find vector images so that you can size them up and down and the image will stay proportionate. My I Heart Keenwah boxes were 8 inches square, and using vector images allowed me to maintain the correct sizing of the pixels that make up the block.

You will need a top, bottom, and side image for the grass block. If you’re going to use the block as a party invitation, like we’re doing, then put the party info on the top. Resize the vector images so that they just fit on the sides of the box.

3. Print the images onto used paper. Use the back sides of paper that you’ve already used once. Worried about the environmental impact of so much printing? Here’s how to solve the printables dilemma!

4. Cut the images to size. A guillotine paper cutter is the best and quickest way to get smooth cuts.

Upcycled Cardboard Minecraft Grass Block Party Invitation

5. Adhere the images to the box. You know how a cube goes together, right? Four sides, a top, and a bottom are what you’ll need, and don’t forget that the sides also have a top and bottom–grass above, dirt below. Use your favorite glue or double-sided tape to attach the images to the box.

Upcycled Cardboard Minecraft Grass Block Party Invitations

6. Is it a party? Put the party invitation on top. My husband is a graphic designer, so he redid the vector for the top of the Minecraft grass block to include the details of the party invitation. You can get the same effect by simply gluing the invitation on top, or putting it into a pocket on the side of the block.

You could actually mail these invitation, although our particular plan is to doorbell ditch them on friends’ front porches. My kiddo spent so much time playing with the blocks before they were delivered, however, that we’re considering making another set to play with at the party, and for her to keep.

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