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Published on May 15th, 2015 | by Julie Finn


Build Your Own Yard Games: 18 DIY Projects

18 DIY Ways to Build Your Own Yard Games - Move your indoor play outdoors!There’s a lot to be said for moving inside stuff to the outdoors.

For one, you can get some fresh air, you couch potato! And for another, when you move a plain old run-of-the-mill played-it-a-thousand times board game out to your front yard, you can supersize it for a super amount of fun.

Lize-sized Monopoly, anyone? Giant Jenga? Supersized Scrabble!

Notice that the projects on my list are all real builds that you can play again and again using the same pieces–no paper plates or balloons or plastic cups on MY list! I looked specifically for DIY games that would last, ones that your friends and family can make memories with for a lifetime.

Check out these yard games that you can build yourself, often with stuff that you already have out in the garage:

18 DIY Ways to Build Your Own DIY Yard Games - Move your indoor play outdoors!1. bean bag toss. My kids LOVE our homemade bean bags, and love to play bean bag toss out in the yard.

2. board gamesIf you used poster board for specific squares (as in Monopoly), you could easily store the game, then set it up again in minutes.

3. carpetballNo pool cues required!

4. chessboardThis one is painted on a rolling table built from pallets, so it’s portable!

18 DIY Ways to Build Your Own Yard Games - Move your indoor play outdoors!5. dice. Use these sturdy cardboard dice to play any life-sized lawn games–keep them dry, and they’ll last for a looooong time.

6. dominoes. These wooden dominoes will be lying flat on the lawn, so you’ll probably want to seal them well against moisture.

7. horseshoe pitIt’ll be just like backyard parties at Aunt Pam’s house, only you have to fry the catfish yourself.

8. Jenga. Don’t build these too big, or you’ll die when the tower collapses on you. This tute’s 2x4s work fine.

9. KoobOutside of America, you call this game Kubb. If you do any woodwork at all, it’s likely that you have everything that you need to make this already in your stash.

10. ladderballYou no longer have to live on a Lake Michigan beach to play this game–you can build your own!

11. matching gameHere’s the perfect game for the littles who are too young to play the big games. I’d use wooden tiles instead of cork, however–cork is pretty fragile.

12. miniature golfOkay, this project is crazy elaborate, and you’re probably not going to make it… but if you or someone who loves you has some mad woodworking skills, then here you go!

13. MolkkyMake the pins for this game out of wide dowels or tree branches.

14. pick-up sticks. Not all outdoor games have to be boisterous. These giant pick-up sticks let you use your mind and your fine-motor skills.

15. ring tossCheck your local Restore for the scrap PVC pipes and fittings for this tute.

16. Scrabble. If you just created the supersized tiles for these, you wouldn’t even necessarily have to confine yourself to a board set-up–Scrabble in the grass is great!

17. ShishkaballThis game goes by a lot of names, but it’s basically a ball-drop game that relies on luck and a steady hand.

18. Yahtzee. These dice tumble together enough that you’ll probably want to forgo the cardboard ones found above and make the wooden ones called for in this tute.

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