23 Awesome Superhero Crafts

22 Awesome Superhero Crafts

Ever since planning a joint superhero birthday party for my son and his almost-birthday-twin, I’ve had superhero crafts on the brain.

You could consider the list below a decorating and favor list for a superhero birthday party or just choose your favorite superhero crafts on this list to do yourself or with your kids on a rainy day. We’ve got superhero crafts for pretty much any skill- and age-level.

Some of these craft ideas do call for cutting up old comic books, which I know might upset some folks. My suggestion is to choose comics that are in bad shape – stained, torn, falling apart. I also always recommend doing a little research before cutting into any book, comic or otherwise. If you’d rather not cut up old comic books, don’t worry. We have plenty of projects that stay away from your prized collection.

22 Awesome Superhero Crafts

22 Awesome Superhero Crafts

1. DIY Superhero Cape

2. Felt Superhero Badges

3. Superhero Masks (use recycled felt)

4. Alternate Superhero Cape for Bigger Kids

5. Printable Cupcake Toppers

6. T-Shirt Capes

7. Superheroine Headbands

8. Bangle Bracelets

9. Control Panels

10. Building Blocks

11. Gift Tags

22 Awesome Superhero Crafts12. Wallpaper – No, really!

13. Justice League Chair

14. Comic Book Coasters

15. Comic Book Shoes

16. Superhero Canvas – Add an extra recycled element by cutting your letters out of reclaimed cardboard and painting them.

17. Marvel-ous Necklace

18. Typography Art – This is another one where you can use letters cut from reclaimed cardboard instead of pre-cut letters.

19. Paper Bowls

20. Decoupaged Dresser

21. Phone Cover – She used a new cover, but you can totally do this with your existing cover or even one you find second hand.

22. Lamp Shade

Have you done any cool, upcycled superhero crafts lately? Share links to your own projects or tell us about what you’ve been making in the comments!

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