18 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

If you’re looking to add a little variety to a class party or trick-or-treat night, check out this list of non-candy Halloween treats that are still homemade, super fun, and SUPER special.

If you're looking to add a little variety to a class party or trick-or-treat night, check out this list of non-candy Halloween treats that are still homemade, super fun and SUPER special.

Halloween is enough of a sugar rush as it is–no need to put even more candy, much less artificial food coloring, in your homemade treats and party food. Try some of these non-candy Halloween treats instead. They’re just as fun without the crazy amounts of added sugar.

18 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

Apply Mummies via Two Healthy Kitchens
Apply Mummies via Two Healthy Kitchens

1. apple mummiesThis is a good portion size for a school lunch–just don’t forget to spritz them with lemon juice or dunk them into orange juice to keep them from browning.

2. apple monstersIf you don’t want to make the homemade googly eyes, you can substitute a raisin and a tiny dollop of nut (or nut-free) butter.

3. banana zombiesCheck out the pic and see how cute Halloween can be!

4. bottle labelsWrap these labels around any natural soda or juice bottle to make it Halloween-themed.

5. bread stick bonesUse a homemade whole wheat bread dough, and give kids a healthy dip to eat with it. With the leftover dough, make monster bread!

6. carrot pumpkinsThese pumpkins make a fun lunchbox surprise for the big day.

7. cheese and pretzel broomsticksAdd some protein and fiber to your Harry Potter party!

8. deviled egg spidersPack some protein into little tummies before they go out trick-or-treating.

9. embellished glassesInstead of using vinyl, hand out glass markers, permanent markers, or masking tape and scissors, and let party guests embellish their own glasses as a party craft. They’ll take them home at the end of the party as a party favor, and you won’t have to wash them!

10. Halloween pizzaThese pizzas make a great party food or Halloween day dinner–make them from everyone’s favorite ingredients, because the trick is all in the decorating!

11. Jack-o-lantern quesadillasTempt those little tummies with this fun, filling, wholesome meal, and they won’t have as much room for sugar.

Non-Candy Halloween Treats

12. monster breadKids love to sculpt with bread dough, and the process of baking warps the results just enough to make it a fun surprise at the end.

13. pudding cup batsThe tutorial uses chocolate pudding cups, but I think these would look cute made from any small packaged pudding, fruit, or other treat cups.

14. raisin box mummies. These little mummies are easy to make, and are a great way to turn boxes of raisins into Halloween-themed treats.

15. roasted pumpkin seedsIf you’ve got everyone over for a pumpkin-carving party, then you’ll have plenty of hands on deck to help you make a giant batch of these!

16. spider eggs printableAdd cello envelopes and you’ve got easy packaging for a variety of healthy treats, from grapes to peanuts to raisins to any kind of berry.

17. skull picklesFor WAY less fuss, carve the skull shape into the cucumber as a whole before you slice it. You can send spooky pickles with your packed lunches all month!

18. stuffed pepper Jack-o-lanterns. Fill these with your kid’s favorite stuffing for a hearty, yet festive, Halloween meal.

Do you have a favorite non-candy Halloween treat? Share it with us in the Comments below!

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