20 DIY Backpack Tutorials for Back to School

School will be in session before we know it! Create your own (or your child’s) backpack this year with these amazing DIY backpack tutorials.

School will be in session before we know it! Create your own (or your child’s) backpack this year with these amazing DIY backpack tutorials.

Backpacks are essential for carrying all of your (or your little one’s) books, computer/tablet, folders, and DIY school supplies. With so much importance, the backpack must be functional and fashionable, right? DIY backpack tutorials to the rescue! All of the tutorials below require fabric, however, not all of the tutorials use eco-friendly fabrics, but we know that you’re savvy enough choose green fabrics when creating your own DIY backpack.

There are so many incredible DIY tutorials that can help you avoid the impact of buying new and the possibility of toxic school supplies. Now, onto the awesome DIY backpack tutorials!

20 DIY Backpack Tutorials

1. DIY satchel backpack

2. The bustle backpack

3. Recycled plarn backpack

4. DIY backpack

5. Turn bandanas into a drawstring backpack

6. Recycle jeans into a backpack

7. T-shirt cinch sack

8. Over the shoulder school bag

9. DIY fish backpack

10. Toddler backpack

11. Turn a tote into a backpack

12. Monogrammed backpack

13. Create a circle bag

14. Messenger bag from cargo pants

15. Turn a vintage pillowcase into a backpack

16. DIY mini backpack (with video!)

17. Plaid backpack from a men’s plaid shirt

18. Sew a messenger bag DIY tutorial

19. Make a backpack from unused neckties

20. Feed sack messenger bag (you could also use a burlap coffee bean bag!)

Which DIY backpack tutorial was your favorite? If I was still in school, I would totally make a feed sack messenger bag! Now you’re ready to tackleDIY packed lunch storage solutions, too!

Looking for more DIY back to school ideas? Check these out:

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