20 DIY School Supplies for Back to School

Coloring Pages Crafts and DIY School Supplies: How to Embellish a Composition Book

Whether you’re making some of your kid’s school supplies from scratch, or you’d just like to personalize them, these DIY school supplies will make going back to school a lot more fun!

Whether you're making some of your kid's school supplies from scratch, or you'd just like to personalize them, these DIY school supplies will make going back to school a lot more fun!

20 DIY School Supplies

1. Altoids tin emergency kitA high school or college kid will appreciated having all the necessities right at hand–ponytail rings, chapstick, Life Savers… you know. Necessities!

2. cereal box folderI know that those cheap folders cost just pennies, but this DIY version is eco-friendly… and it costs nothing.

DIY School Supplies: How to Make an Upcycled Notebook3. cookie box spiral notebookSubstitute the packaging for your kid’s favorite treat, and they’ll have no trouble remembering to write down their assignments and due dates!

4. denim snack bagDitch that boring plastic lunch box for one that’s got personality–and it’s upcycled! Stencil a monogram or something else cute onto the denim before you sew it together.

5. earphone holderThey aren’t exactly DIY school supplies, but you know that your kid’s going to take her earphones to school with her. You might as well let her hide them in this upcycled mint container.

6. embellished composition bookDIY School Supplies: How to Embellish a Composition BookI embellished these composition books with coloring book pages, but you could use anything that struck your fancy–wrapping paper, comics, Harry Potter fanart, etc.

7. fabric-covered notebookHere’s another way to personalize a plain notebook.

8. finger paint. Finger paint is crucial for the preschool experience. Volunteer to whip up a huge batch for your kid’s classroom, and know that you’re an awesome parent.

9. food packaging pencil caseThe cardboard that’s used for cereal and cracker boxes is perfect for lots of crafts, including these awesomely cute pencil cases.

10. inner tube pouchIf your bike has a punctured inner tube, then you have the makings for your brand-new pencil case!

11. messenger bagIf your kid doesn’t want to carry a backpack, then try a messenger bag to tote around all those DIY school supplies instead.

12. play dough. Be the classroom hero by offering to make a super-big batch of this homemade play dough.

13. re-usable fabric folderYour kids will love having their favorite character fabric for their folder, and you’ll love the fact that you’re not buying a ton of disposable paper folders every year.

14. school supply caddyNeed a place to store all those DIY school supplies? Just substitute tin cans from the recycling bins for the small pails called for in the tute.

DIY School Supplies: Upcycled Backpack15. upcycled denim backpackThis backpack, made from old blue jeans, isn’t for everyone, but if your kid is into the look, then it’s a super-cheap and eco-friendly way to get those books to school.

16. washi taped binderThis tute will let you get another year’s use out of that grungy binder.

17. washi taped pencilsKid bummed because you’re not springing for the more expensive (and less reliable) character pencils? Wow her with this quick and easy washi tape redo.

18. water bottle holderGo hands-free and still stay hydrated!

19. waxed fabricYou can make lots of DIY school supplies–a lunch bag, laptop case, or even a laundry bag for gym clothes or swim gear–from waxed fabric.

20. zippered pouchHere’s an unusual way to upcycle cardboard into a pencil case–with a zipper!

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