Back to School Ideas

15 DIY Packed Lunch Storage Solutions

It’s definitely worthwhile to spend the money on a few high-quality packed lunch supplies (my Klean Kanteen is practically an extension of my hand), but you’ll be surprised at how many packed lunch storage solutions you can craft for yourself from eco-friendly supplies, whether they be natural or upcycled.

Back to School Ideas: A Project Display Board from Upcycled Cardboard

Make the Science Fair (or the Biography Fair, or the International Fair…) slightly less of a pain in the butt, AND save yourself a trip to the store to buy a cardboard or foam core display board, because crafting your own display board out of upcycled cardboard is so easy!

Back to School Ideas: Make Cardboard Number Tiles for Kids’ Math Games

Want to get a kid excited about math?

Play math games! Kids LOVE games and puzzles, and they’re great for cementing sophisticated concepts in growing little brains.

You can buy some pretty cool math games, sure, but as with nearly anything else, some of the best and simplest games are handmade. Here I’m going to show you how to build the upcycled cardboard number tiles that my kiddos and I use in tons of fun math games.

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