Recycled DIY: Sugar, Cream, and Coffee Canisters

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Recycled DIY: Sugar, Cream, and Coffee Canisters

Want to make your coffee area look organized and pretty? Recycle your old jars into cute canisters for your sugar, cream, and coffee beans!

What You Will Need:

1. Recycled jars with lids

2. Glue. If you can, use eco-glue!

3. Recycled paper. I used book pages.

4. Scissors

5. A permanent marker

6. A pencil

How To Do It:

1. With a pencil, draw a coffee cup on your recycled paper. Then, outline it with your permanent marker.

Recycled DIY: Sugar, Cream, and Coffee Canisters

2. Cut out your cup. I made three cups, so I traced the first cup and repeated the process.

3. Clean your jars and the lids.

4. Mix your glue with a little bit of water. This is similar to the process I used in my fall jars project.

5. Glue your cups onto your jars. I always put a layer of glue on top for extra hold.

6. Once dry, remove any of the excess glue around the “cup” with a damp cloth.

7. Then, write sugar, cream, and coffee on the cups with the permanent marker.

Β Now you can scoop out your sugar, cream, and fair trade coffee in style in the mornings!

2 thoughts on “Recycled DIY: Sugar, Cream, and Coffee Canisters”

  1. Cute! I’ve noticed that I spill and waste much less coffee in my early-morning stupor when I transfer it into a jar instead of trying to use it straight from the bag.

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