How To: Paint Chip Magnets

DIY Paint Chip Magnets

Have you accidentally become a collector of ugly magnets like the ones below? I saw these on the fridge this week and was determined to make them pretty instead of throwing them away. After looking through my craft kit, I decided I would upcycle some of my old paint chips and give a makeover to my ugly magnets!

DIY Paint Chip Magnets

What You Will Need:

1. Ugly magnets. I obviously got one of mine through a mail out from Direct TV and I can’t remember what the other one was from.

2. Paint chips

3. Hot glue/hot glue gun

4. Scissors

How To Do It:

1. Cut the tops off of your paint chips. You don’t necessarily have to do this, but I like to remember what colors I used for certain projects. Your paint chips will go from this:

DIY Paint Chip Magnets

To this:

DIY Paint Chip Magnets

2. Hot glue one of your paint chips to your magnet. This color will become the background color– for me it was grey.

3. Cut out a sun shape like so:

DIY Paint Chip Magnets

4. Cut little pieces out of your paint chips. I used two tones so it would add a bit of dimension to the sun.

DIY Paint Chip Magnets

5. If you want to, you can leave it like that, or you can write, “You are my sunshine” like I did.

DIY Paint Chip Magnets

For the smaller magnet, I repeated the same process and put the yellow paint chip as the background. Then, I cut out letters from a magazine that formed the words, “To Do.”

DIY Paint Chip Magnets

They’re so much prettier than before, right? What magnets could you makeover? Share your ideas on our facebook wall or in the comment section below– I love hearing your feedback!

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