How To: Book Page Mother’s Day Brooch

How To: Book Page Mother's Day Brooch

Do you remember my Recycled Paper Mother’s Day Brooch from last year? This year, I decided to put a different spin on it by making it look like a ribbon! A handmade brooch is a great way to make your mom or grandma feel special on a day that celebrates who she is and what she means to you! Here’s how you can make your own:

What You Will Need:

1. Book pages or other recycled paper

2. Scissors

3. A permanent marker

4. Crayons

5. School glue. If you can, use eco-glue.

6. Hot glue/hot glue gun

7. A brooch pin. You can find these at your local craft store.

How To Do It:

1. Draw and cut out a large circle on your book pages. Then, draw and cut out a circle that is slightly smaller like so:

How To: Book Page Mother's Day Brooch

2. Draw and cut out the “ribbons.”

3. Color the pieces the color of your choice. I left the smaller circle white.

4. Write “#1 mom” or another phrase on the smaller circle.

How To: Book Page Mother's Day Brooch

5. Glue it all together.

6. When it has dried, hot glue the brooch pin to the back of the paper.

How To: Book Page Mother's Day Brooch

Once the hot glue has dried, your brooch is ready to wear! You can also make a Mother’s Day Plant Flag or these last minute gift ideas!

What projects are you creating for Mother’s Day? Share them with us in our Green Crafts Showcase or in the comment section below!

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