Summer Crafts: DIY Canning Lid Wind Chime

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Summer Crafts: DIY Canning Lid Wind Chime

Celebrate summer with awesome summer crafts like this DIY canning lid wind chime!

Last week I stumbled upon this recycled wind chime from Homemade Mamas and absolutely fell in love! I’ve seen others with an embroidery hoop as the base, so I combined the two projects to make my own version. Wind chimes make me happy not only because they look beautiful, but they sound beautiful, too. It’s so easy to create your own colorful wind chime with canning lids and an embroidery hoop! Check out the tutorial below to see how!

What You Will Need:

1. Canning jar lids. Sometimes you can find them at thrift stores or garage sales!

2. An embroidery hoop

3. Twine. If you can, use hemp twine — it’s more eco-friendly!

4. Scissors

5. Low VOC spray paint

6. A hammer and nail

How To Do It:

1. Clean your canning jar lids.

2. Punch a hole in each of the lids with a hammer and nail. You can also use a drill if you’d like.

Summer Crafts: DIY Canning Lid Wind Chime

3. Spray paint all of the lids. Make sure you paint the front and the back. As you can see in the picture above, I painted my lids and then punched a hole in each one. I don’t recommend doing it that way because the hammer/nail can mess up your paint job.

4. In order to hang the embroidery hoop, I cut three pieces of twine and attached them to my hoop like so:

Summer Crafts: DIY Canning Lid Wind Chime

5. Grab all three pieces of the twine and bring them to the middle of the hoop. Then, make a knot.

6. Once the lids have dried, it’s time to attach the lids to your embroidery hoop. I cut my twine at varying lengths. Then, I put each piece of twine through the holes of each lid and made a knot.

5. Attach all of the lids to the embroidery hoop. I simply knotted each one to the hoop, but you could hot glue them as well.

Now you have a totally adorable and colorful canning lid wind chime! Isn’t it awesome?

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