18 Nature Crafts for Christmas

These are some of my favorite nature crafts for Christmas!
These are some of my favorite nature crafts for Christmas!

These are some of my favorite nature crafts for Christmas!

Okay, friends. Christmas is in less than two weeks. It just got real over here.

I try to keep the holiday dialed-down–I mean, what’s the point of a family celebration if you’re just going to stress out about it?–but I still lose sight of what’s important pretty often. My desire to keep my kids grounded in reality vs. my desire to give them ALL THE THINGS. My desire to keep the holiday low-key vs. my desire to do every single festive thing. My desire to save time vs. my desire to save money.

My desire to be relaxed vs. my desire to have a perfect holiday.

Fortunately, I’ve found that making holiday crafts with natural materials can be a great solution for my holiday stress. When we make these festive nature crafts, we’re spending time together as a family. Check. We’re being low-key. Check. We’re being festive! Check. We’re grounding ourselves in natural materials. Check. We’re spending time where it’s important, and we’re definitely saving money.

Nature Crafts for Christmas

Check and CHECK!

For a little low-key, stress-free holiday nature crafting of your own, scroll down to see the list of some of my favorite nature crafts for Christmas.

18 Nature Crafts for Christmas

1. birch wood wreathThis beautiful wreath is one that you can use forever!

2. braided Christmas tree breadThis is going to be the highlight of your Christmas dinner.

3. cinnamon dough ornamentsI kind of don’t believe how simple this dough is to make, and the ornaments that you make with it will make your entire house smell wonderful.

18 nature crafts for Christmas

4. cornstarch doughThis dough takes paint beautifully, even better than salt dough!

5. felted acorn ornamentsNatural wool is easy to turn into a cozy-looking Christmas tree ornament.

6. felted sweater stockingPut your old wool sweaters to good use by turning them into heirloom Christmas stockings.

7. felted wool sweater wreathEven the tiny scraps of your felted wool sweaters are useful!

8. food giftsGet everyone together in the kitchen to craft these fun Christmas gifts for friends and extended family.

9. gingerbread men garlandYou can use the cinnamon dough recipe above, or you can use real gingerbread for this lovely garland.

10. pasta snowflakesMake snowflakes out of some, and then eat the rest for dinner.

18 Nature Crafts for Christmas11. pine cone dipped ornamentsUse melted crayon, paint, or beeswax, depending on the desire effect.

12. popcorn garlandWell, it IS the traditional Christmas tree decoration…

13. pressed flower ornamentsBring some of the beauty of summer into your winter decoration.

14. sea glass and driftwood Christmas treeIt’s beachy, understated, and beautiful.

15. twig tree ornamentsUse tiny tree branches to make tiny trees!

16. twig SantasThese would make a wonderful handmade gift.

17. twig snowmanA fallen tree branch is practically the only supply that you need for this.

18. wooden Christmas treeUse an unfinished plank of wood to make this simple 3D Christmas tree.

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