15 Popcorn Crafts for National Popcorn Day

National Popcorn Day crafts

National Popcorn Day crafts

Happy National Popcorn Day!

I know that you love popcorn as much as I do, so I hope that you’ll also be as stoked as I am about this giant list of recipes and eco-friendly crafts all about POPCORN!!!

1. candle holderPopcorn kernels poured in a dish or vase will do a fine job of holding a candle upright.

2. crows in the corn gameLittle kids will think this is just a fun game–only you will know that they’re also practicing their fine motor skills and counting concepts.

3. draft stopperIt’s filled with popcorn kernels, and it keeps the wind at bay.

4. dyed popcorn kernels. Need a sensory material for young kids, or an art supply for older kids? Dyed popcorn kernels are perfect for both!

5. hopping cornThe kids are going to LOVE this science project.

6. newspaper popcorn holders. These easy cones are made from upcycled newspaper and are a great solution for party food.

National Popcorn Day crafts7. painted popcorn garlandWe put this garland on the Christmas tree, but it would also make a cute decoration for a Valentine’s Day party.

8. paper bag microwave popcorn. Store-bought microwave popcorn can be bad for you. Fortunately, there’s a quick, easy, and cheap way to DIY microwave popcorn.

9. popcorn barSet this up for a fun DIY party food.

10. popcorn kernel wreathYou can tear down an old wreath to re-use the form.

11. popcorn lid memo boardYou know those metal popcorn tins? Their lids make excellent magnetic memo boards.

12. popcorn seasoningStore-bought seasoning is full of dicey ingredients. This homemade seasoning is all natural!

National Popcorn Day crafts13. popcorn tin trash canBecause what else are you going to do with that giant popcorn tin–throw it away?!?

14. sensory play. Popcorn kernels in a bin are all you need; the kids will add the pouring, scooping, and sifting fun!

15. stovetop popcornThis is your basic recipe for making popcorn on the stove. Once you’ve got that mastered, there are tons of ways to play with flavor and seasoning.

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  1. Thanks for your craft ideas about popcorn, Julie. You make a great point about how having a popcorn bar at a party can be a fun idea. One of my favorite treats is cheese popcorn. The tins they come in also have fun decorations that can add atmosphere to your party. I’ll keep your crafts and ideas in mind this holiday season.

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