Recycle a Popcorn Tin Lid: Magnetic Memo Board

Recycle a Popcorn Tin Lid: Magnetic Memo Board

As promised in last week’s Recycle a Popcorn Tin into a Trash Can post, here is what I did with the lid of the popcorn tin! I saw an idea on Pinterest where Madigan Made turned a Dollar Store burner into a magnetic memo board. This specific pinner, though, wrote in the description that you could also use a popcorn tin lid. You could see the light bulb go on above my head! Here’s how I made my own magnetic memo board.

What You Will Need:

1. A lid to a popcorn tin or another metal tin lid

2. Spray paint. Spray paint isn’t the greenest craft supply, so use a low VOC spray paint, if you can!

3. Magnets

How To Do It:

1. Clean your lid of any dust. I bought mine from a garage sale, so it was a bit dusty.

2. Spray paint your lid the color of your choice.

3. Once your lid is dry, add your magnets and memos! I made my own button magnet by hot gluing a button on a small magnet. Remember, try not to write your memos on new paper– you can make a notepad out of junk mail instead! You could also make your own paint chip magnets! I added a sheet music flower and my roommate’s “Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake” magnet for decoration, too.

Recycle a Popcorn Tin Lid: Magnetic Memo Board

Cute, right? I want to find even more lids to make a memo board collage above my desk!

3 thoughts on “Recycle a Popcorn Tin Lid: Magnetic Memo Board”

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  2. Thanks for this idea, we don’t get popcorn this way here but I am going to try paint tin lids and even old metal biscuit tin lids.

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